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Betta Bowl Glass Bowl Kit

Description:  Betta Fishbowl kit is a great starter kit for betta fish also known as Siamese fighting fish. Fishbowl set-up is quick and easy. Included inside each betta fishbowl is gravel, and aquarium plant. The Glass Bowl is a high-quality Thick Glass Bowl made by Anchor Hocking.



Low-maintenance, economical kit to get you started.

Available in 3 sizes: Half gallon betta Bowl / 1 Gallon Betta Bowl / 2 Gallon Betta Bowl and a variety of shapes to suit your decor.

Aquarium plant and gravel included!

Mini Heater or Flat Heater recommended (not included)

(Pink Gravel is a ½ gallon, other 2 are both 1-gallon demonstrating 2 different shapes. Many other shapes available, please visit our website at to pick the shape and size that suits your needs and décor.

About this item:

1/2-Gallon / 1-Gallon / 2-Gallon Glass Bowl

Decorative plant and gravel.


Price: ½ Gallon Footed:                  $20.00

1 Gallon Footed:                               $25.00

1 Gallon Squat Style:                       $25.00

2 Gallon Squat Style:                       $30.00

1 Gallon Squat Style Betta Bowl Kit

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