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FS: Aquarium Sponge Filter Kit ALL NEW Internal filter/ Sponge Filter Kit is a ready to set up and go kit for your small aquarium and or baby/fry fish tanks. Provides excellent Biological and mechanical filtration for smaller aquariums. The Internal filter has Bio beads to grow larger bacteria colonies and thus provides better water stability over a conventional sponge filter.

Kit Includes:

  • NEW Internal / Sponge Filter
  • NEW Replacement Cartridges for the filter
  • NEW 5 feet of Airline tubing
  • NEW Aquarium check valve
  • NEW Air Pump that puts out 1.75 PSI

More information can be found at

The value of this kit if purchased separately is $29.50.

FS: Aquarium Sponge Filter Kit

C$29.50 Regular Price
C$20.00Sale Price
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