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 Freshwater Fish Tank Light for Planted Aquariums, 24 Hours Lighting Cycle and Automatic Timer Function, 18-24 Inches, 14 Watts

About this item

  • NICREW AquaLux 24/7 aquarium plant light, with 3 built-in lighting modes, makes the water in the aquarium look more crystal clear. It is a great option for entry-level 24/7 light, ideal for freshwater and low-medium light level plants, noticeably make aquarium more brilliant and vivid in color.
  • Default 24/7 Mode: Easy to run 24/7 mode in timer A. 24-hour lighting cycle to create a natural vision for your aquarium. It only needs to set the current time to automatically enter the loop, which better simulates the changes of nature in a day. Please note the brightness cannot be adjusted in 24/7 lighting cycle, only accurate to the hour
  • Two Setting Modes: Include manual mode and timer B mode. Equips with 8 pre-set lighting modes in manual mode (P1-P8). For timer B, you can set Color + Time + Brightness, which means you can choose a 6, 8-, 10-, 12- or 14-hour cycle for playing a pre-set color (P1 to P7) and your desired brightness (10%-100%) with built-in 15 minutes gentle sunrise and sunset.
  • NICREW fish tank light use seamless aluminum alloy shell and transparent acrylic board to build as water-resistant design, no worry about daily splashes. LED chip with a 120° angle can provide the ideal dispersion and color mixing.
  • Package List: 1 x Light Fixture, 1 x Power Supply, 2 x Extendable Docking Mounts, 1 x Instruction Manual. The 20W aquarium light has 60 white LEDs, and 30 RGB LEDs

NICREW 18” - 24” AquaLux 24/7 LED Aquarium Light

C$78.60 Regular Price
C$65.00Sale Price
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