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High Performance UV sterilizer • Performance: 18 Watts • Flow of water: Rotating • Reflection by glass • Flow rate: 3000 l/h max. 1bar • Pump not included. It protects your fish against germs • Safe and good for your fish and plants • Provides clear water • It purifies the pond water without the addition of chemicals • It keeps algae, bacteria, and mold formation under control • With universal hose connections.


●With stainless steel reflector inside, improve sterilizing effect by 30%, prolong the service life.

●Lamp shell with high pressure resistant, the maximum can reach 1 bar. So, the range of the application can be much wider.

●Inlet with spiral guide design which can better sterilization.

●The lamp head and sterilization are designed separately, making it safer to replace the UV-C lamp.


Price: $70.00

SUNSUN CUV-318 In-line UV Sterilizer

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