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These are a really solid and reasonably priced alternatives to those expensive return pumps. I use this particular model for water changes, makes them go super easy and no messy clean up after. Attach the pump to your python water changer Pop the pump into the tanka and drain in a few min. Then put the pump into your water holding tank or sink to re-fill. Can also be used in sumps are a return pump for smaller tanks. Super quiet and minimal power consumption.

Model: HJ-1500
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Power: 20W
Filter Circulation/Output: 1500L/h / 400 gal/hour

Power line length:1.5m


●It uses high-strength wear-resistant shaft core, has highly efficient energy-saving, and long service life;

●It has good waterproof, high dielectric strength; it is safe and reliable;

●It has various functions as pumping, filter and oxygen;

●Apply to aquariums, rockey ponds, for  water circulation, Etc.

SUNSUN HJ-1500 Multi-Function Submersible Water Pump / Return Pump.

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