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How to Perform an Emergency Fish-In Cycle

by Rahim Mohamed 06 Jun 2024

Performing an emergency fish-in cycle is necessary when fish have already been added to an uncycled tank. This process can be stressful for the fish, so it's crucial to take measures to minimize harm. Here are the steps to perform an emergency fish-in cycle:

1. Test the Water

  • Frequency: Test the water daily.
  • Parameters: Focus on ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels.
  • Tools: Use a reliable liquid test kit for accurate readings.

2. Partial Water Changes

  • Frequency: Perform 20-30% water changes daily or every other day.
  • Preparation: Use a dechlorinator to treat new water before adding it to the tank.
  • Purpose: Dilutes harmful ammonia and nitrite levels.

3. Use a Water Conditioner

  • Product Recommendation: Use a conditioner like Seachem Prime.
  • Function: Detoxifies ammonia and nitrite temporarily, reducing their toxicity.

4. Add Beneficial Bacteria

  • Product Recommendation: Use commercial bacterial supplements like Seachem Stability or Tetra SafeStart.
  • Purpose: Introduces beneficial bacteria to help establish the nitrogen cycle more quickly.

5. Feed Sparingly

  • Frequency: Feed only once or twice a day.
  • Amount: Provide small amounts that the fish can consume within a few minutes.
  • Purpose: Prevents uneaten food from contributing to ammonia spikes.

6. Monitor Fish Behavior

  • Signs of Distress: Look for gasping at the surface, lethargy, loss of appetite, or unusual behavior.
  • Immediate Action: If distress is observed, perform an additional water change and check water parameters.

7. Be Patient

  • Timeline: The nitrogen cycle can take several weeks to fully establish.
  • Consistency: Regularly monitor water parameters and adjust as needed.
  • Long-Term Care: Continue with frequent water changes and bacterial supplements until the cycle is established.

Tips for Success

  • Aeration: Increase aeration using an air pump and airstone to ensure adequate oxygen levels.
  • Low Stocking Density: Keep the fish population low to reduce waste production.
  • Use Live Plants: Consider adding live plants, which can help absorb ammonia and nitrite.
  • Avoid Chemicals: Do not use harsh chemicals or medications that can disrupt the cycling process.


While performing an emergency fish-in cycle is not ideal, following these steps can help minimize stress and harm to your fish. Remember, the best approach is always to cycle the tank before adding fish, but in emergencies, these measures will help establish a healthy environment for your fish.

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