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Money Saving Hacks for Aquarium Keeping

by Rahim Mohamed 25 Jun 2024

Facebook Groups

If you haven’t joined any aquarium related Facebook groups, you’re missing out. Most areas have a fishkeeping community active on Facebook full of hobbyists who trade equipment, fish, coral, and more. Being active in these groups will allow you to find the best deals while becoming more involved in the community!

Discounted Aquarium Stores

There are many local fish stores that are known for their used equipment and great deals. If you have one near you, check it out! Local fish stores usually have better deals than chain stores like Petland and PetSmart, Etc. If you frequent these stores enough, you may learn when new trades or shipments come in so your chances of scoring your deal is higher.

Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, Auctions

While Facebook Marketplace is the most revered platform by fishkeeping hobbyists, you’ll see fishkeeping products on any platform that’s centered around community buying and selling. Keeping an eye on these sites can boost your chance of scoring a great deal.

In House Aquaculture 

In-house aquaculture can mean a variety of things, from fish breeding to propagating coral. Many local fish stores will trade captive bred fish for store credit. If fish breeding interests you, research what breed you’re interested in and their care requirements. This method is more time consuming as it involves finding a compatible pair and raising the fry. Coral propagating is equally as time consuming, but can be a very lucrative business if you grow the right species. 

Invest in Quality Equipment 

If you find yourself frequently replacing equipment and fish, consider investing in quality equipment. Quality equipment have long lifespans if they're used and treated with care. Starting with equipment from reputable brands can make a difference in your pocketbook, and it doesn’t have to break the bank either. Check out a discounted aquarium store near you before buying new

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